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Steel Frame Staircase

This was a nice project involving the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of a 3 tier mild steel platform complete with staircase and key clamp handrail. 

We started by designing the platforms and staircase in our autocad drawing software. Knowing the complexity of each individual part this was a perfect opportunity to showcase what our draughtsman can do. 

Once the drawings had been sent to the customer for feedback, we made some adjustments to better suit the clients needs. 

Next came the manufacture. The single parts drawings allowed our factory to produce each section with incredible accuracy. Allowing multiple operatives to take on different parts and speed up production.

The base section was made in once piece with the other parts safely stored inside. The Hiab collected from our factory and delivered to our team on site who had already prepared the work area. 

Using the assembly drawings, they built the frame and each stair floor by floor until everything was in position. And last but not least the Key Clamp handrail was added. 

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