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Architectural Steelwork

Our skilled teams create and install a wide variety of bespoke Architectural metal works for public and domestic spaces combining our skills and expertise in steelwork and sheet metal work.


A wide range from bespoke balustrades, planters, staircases and fencing, we aim to provide our customers with a visually pleasing product that will last the test of time.

We can provide a range of materials and finishes to get the end result you require. Galvanising, powder coating and even the rusting effect of Corten Mild Steel. 


Edward Canopy_edited.jpg


We have designed and manufactured a range of canopies for both domestic and professional use. The above canopy was made from 316 grade dull polish stainless steel complete with 10mm toughened, laminated glass and a satin interlay.

Planters (3).jpg

Decorative Pieces.

The planters pictured above were an interesting project where the customer wanted a rust effect. We used Corten mild steel to fabricate the planters knowing that the oxidizing effect would both seal the material from further corrosion and provide the rusting look that was wanted. 


Gates and Fencing.

We can fabricate and install a range of gates and fencing to customer requirements. 

The gate pictured above for a local golf course has an interesting feature as it was required to raise as it was opened due to an incline in the road, much like the doors of an exotic car.

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