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Deliveries -  Terms and Conditions

Upon arrival to the delivery address the driver will call the site contact to ascertain how the delivery is to be unloaded. If the driver feels it is safe to unload the vehicle, the driver will then prepare for unloading by removing any straps, chains etc.

The responsibility to plan the lifting of steels from our truck lies with the site contact. Our driver will assist in the unloading of the vehicle should they feel safe to do so, under the guidance of the site contact. Should the unloading of the vehicle be deemed unsafe, the driver will return to our yard and attempt to redeliver once an appropriate lifting plan has been arranged with the Project Engineer who arranged the delivery. This may incur a redelivery charge should the site not be ready as agreed.

When unloading a delivery, manual handling operations will usually take place. It is the responsibility of the Site Contact to ensure any unloading is planned and supervised by a competent person. An exclusion zone must be created around the vehicle to ensure the safety of others and prevent injuries and damage to property caused during the unloading process.

Should the driver feel the unloading of a vehicle is unsafe, they have been instructed to seek guidance from their Project Engineer at Harrison Industrial Ltd on how to proceed.

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