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Rooftop Chiller Platform

A medium sized project to manufacture and install a hot dip galvanized chiller platform on the roof of a 5 story building. 

We began the project by providing 3D drawings of the project to our customer who approved the design before manufacture. 

Once we had received approval we proceeded to manufacture the steelwork using manufacturing drawings produced by Advanced Steel. 

We sent the steelwork to be galvanised and delivered to site on a Hiab lorry. Upon arrival, the steels were craned onto the roof and laid in position ready for our site team to begin installation. 

Section by section the frame was installed, using the isometric drawings to ensure all steelwork was correctly positioned. 

We finished the project with an open grid flooring and balustrade. 

From receipt of order to completion on site, this project took us around four months, including all design, manufacture, galvanising, deliveries and installation.

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