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Fire and Smoke Damper Drop Testing

Our NAADuk qualified engineers have years of experience with the installation and drop testing a wide range of dampers.

With our broad and collective knowledge we can offer the following:

  • Damper Survey

By visiting your site and working from drawings or schematics we will locate and identify fire/ fire smoke dampers on the premises.

  • Damper Inspections

We will carry out a visual inspection of your dampers and notify you on damages to the damper or anything stopping full working operation.

  • Damper Drop Testing

A visual inspection and a mechanical drop test will be carried out on your fire dampers to ensure your dampers work to optimal effectiveness and conformity. Compliancy requires that a fire damper drop test is carried out annually as a minimum.

  • Remedial Works

If any defects are identified during our inspection or drop testing, we will be able to help you in solving these issues.

  • Reporting

If you required, a photographic report can be provided showing evidence and findings for your records.

Fire Damper & Smoke Damper Inspector:

Trained to the following BS999 & CITB NI Registered 2254


Fire Damper & Smoke Damper Inspection and Installation:

Trained to the following: BS999 & CITB NI Registered 22542, CITB GET1183, CITB ATO, CPD 11143

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